TAROT-Infused CLARITY Coaching

Leap into a new way of Coaching to 

Light Your Path--wherever you are.


TAROT-Infused CLARITY Coaching is perfect for you, if you'd like to have a major breakthrough within 6 weeks, bringing energy and life to a new vision. 

  • Do you need a Fresh perspective? 
  • Are you ready to Feel Lighter?
  • Do you need support taking Smart Steps Forward.
  • Do you need help Answering the Tough Questions?
  • Is it time for Clarity?

A Powerful Combination.

  • Imagine the accountability and forward motion of coaching, married with the insightful and spiritual essence of Tarot.
  • Imagine finding yourself immersed in a deeply healing and actionable process of awakening, release and rebirth. 
  • Imagine releasing the weight of having to know all the answers. 

I'm Certified Professional Coach and Certified Tarot Reader, Monique Renee Catoggio. 

I'm so happy you're here, and I invite you to create more clarity in your life now. 

Ready for a Breakthrough?

Effective Coaching

Each session guided by certified and seasoned Life, Leadership &     Well-Being Coach,               Monique Renee Catoggio

Powerful 6-Week Process

Powerful questions & revelations, along with customized Ritual work to keep the insights & breakthroughs coming.

Best of Both Worlds

A process that honors both your practical and spirit-filled side!  YES, you can have both!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Sessions are Included?

Clarity Coaching is a package that includes three (3), 75-minute coaching/Tarot sessions, bi-monthly over 6 weeks, at an introductory special rate!

How are the sessions completed?

The sessions are virtual, held via video/audio using Zoom Conferencing. You will be able to see the Tarot cards as I pull them. All sessions are recorded. 

Do the sessions expire?

Yes. My intention is to create clarity and action for you within a 6-week period. If an unforeseen incident prevents us from completing our process within 6 weeks, we will agree to a new deadline to get you where you want to be. Sessions will expire after 6 months. 

What's the Ritual work?

The gift of both coaching and Tarot will bring about important opportunities for deeper work to be done, helping to create clarity and breakthroughs. Based on the outcome of each session, I will customize a ritual for you to complete before the next session. 

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